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A logo is a symbol or a small design with is uniquely made and associated with a company. This logo is the identity of the business organization, therefore it is very important to give thought into forming a unique and meaningful logo design for your business. Some people prefer simple logo designs where they only write the initials of the company’s name in a box and they’re good to go, but the changing trends have increased the demand for highly creative logo ideas.

Customers do not remember the names of the business but they recognize the logo illustration as the human brain responds to visual graphics better than the names.



Material design is an innovation in the motif and design industry. We make the best use of our experts in bringing you the best designs for your website and other live documents. This is a way to covert traditional designs using new technology and making the best use of our expertise in providing you the best solutions in this field. Our experts work day and night to bring the best designs made using the latest technology for your business needs.


The brand name is a unique name given to a brand’s products which the customers are familiar with. The brand loyalty and brand identity are related concepts but according to marketing experts, branding of a business is essential to keep the customers attracted.

Brand consciousness is becoming more important day by day. People value the brand name more than the quality and you cannot put your brand name at stake. Your website should depict your brand name.



Your website is your business’s most important presence online. You cannot compromise on its quality. In order to meet our client’s demands, we make sure to understand their needs and objectives which are thoroughly discussed with our team of dynamic web Designers and developers and then we start working on making a website that will reach the client’s target market and meet their goals.

The website we offer are database driven where you can manage the content through the Content Management System. While working on a web development assignment we bear in mind the basics of SEO. The Lion Studios is known for it its high standard quality delivered at affordable rates.



There are other services that we provide such as making flyers and brochures for your business. The procedure is simple. We will initially discuss ideas about making brochures for you and then we will form a draft of the idea in a digital form followed by your approval and modifications to meet your desire. Once you approve of the design, it will be converted into a flyer by our experts.

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